Mental Health- My FAQ’s

I was in the middle of research for another post when PMDD hit… so I’m going to grab some sour patch kids, put on some pop music and share something I wrote a few months ago that resonates with me today.

Mental Health. – My Frequently Asked Questions. 

Is poor mental health self-absorption?

Or lack of self-care?

Am I really sick?

Or could I just work harder at being sane?

Can you work at being sane?

Are feelings pliable under the influence of a strong hand?

When you brain lies to you, what feelings do you trust?

Can you put each thought into a box, wrap it tightly and open it at will?

Someone forgot to teach me about boxes.

My heart is a pile of al dente pasta.

Messy. Messy. Messy.

If a thought is understood I can clean it up.

If I can put all of my feelings into those boxes maybe people will stay.

People like predictable and compartmentalized people.

Is anyone predictable and compartmentalized?

Are we all just big piles of emotional pasta?

Are some people just better at keeping the red sauce off of their white shirts than I am?

“Is there no way out of the mind?”**

**Quote by Sylvia Plath